February 17, 2007

Midnight Links - Feb 17th

The Post Gazette once again has a Spring Training Report and a Notebook.

The Spring Training Report goes over the big news of Lincoln's elbow and Walker moving to third. The plan for Lincoln is no-throw for 2-4 weeks followed by a throwing program to assess the injury better. Right now it is believed to be a muscle strain in the forearm. This could be nothing more than a strain, or it could point to a worst case scenario of ligament damage. It is too early to tell the seriousness of the injury.

I am sure an MRI is scheduled along with multiple exams.

The Notebook covers Gerut, McLouth and Eldred being the position players reporting early. The three players are coming back from the DL at the end of last season. Gerut was held out of workouts as he is still recovering from knee surgery.

Eldred appears ready for spring training. he launched a batting practice shot off the top of the 30 foot batters eye in center field.

From the notes:
* The three no shows are mentioned, all due to work visa issues.

* Kuwatamania has grown to 55 reporters covering the Japanese pitcher.

* The pitchers who threw 40 pitch sessions are named.

* Herrera was causing a buzz with his curve-slider (slurve?)

* Teke and Virdon are in camp, Maz is coming soon.
Apparently Kuwata is not a skilled bunter.

The Tribune-Review is running an few articles. The first article is covering Walker moving to third.

Snell is once again setting a win goal, one that he won't speak but happens to be the same as last season. I really enjoy Ian, he cracks me up.

The Tribs version of the Notebook covers some of the visa issues. Why don't they just use Mastercard? (BAD I know, but couldn't pass it up.)

And finally the mandatory spring training weather report.
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