February 16, 2007

Major News:Lincoln Hurting, Walker Moving and More

First day of Spring Training and already two major bombs dropped.


Brad Lincoln, the Pirates 1st round draft choice in 2006, was unable to workout due to elbow irritation. He'll have a throwing program set before further determination of the extent is made according to Dave Littlefield.


Catching prospect Neil Walker is no longer a catching prospect. The Pirates are moving Walker to 3B full time. Littlefield said, "We made the decision based on his athleticism and the fact that, as we look at our organization, Neil has a lot of potential with the bat, and we think this is a quicker way for him to get to Pittsburgh."

Minor Notes:
Tony Armas Jr., Romulo Sanchez and Serguey Linares are having work visa problems.
Michael Tejera is having shoulder issues.

BTW Take:
Walker moving is a major shock, even though it has been rumored for a couple seasons. I like the move, if for no other reason it will keep him healthier. A little less wear and tear on his body should improve his hitting considerably. Hopefully he can handle the hot corner.

Lincoln having elbow issues should make quite a few of we fans squirm. This is way too prevalent in the Pirates organization. The Curse of Mike Dunn rears its ugly head yet again. The only good news from this is DL does not seem overly concerned.
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