February 12, 2007


Making up for missing multiple days....here are a ton-o-links:

Dejan covers 10 issues facing the Bucs.

Writers from the Post-Gazette do lineup predictions.

Spring Training Q&A with Jim Tracy.

If you go to Bradenton tips.

The King passes away. I remember seeing them as a kid, wow he was amazing. He once struck out Clemente pitching from 2nd base.

2007 Spring Training Roster.

2007 Pirates Spring Schedule.

Pirates 5 burning questions.

Building Blocks 2007.

Many questions
on Pirates.com.

Pirates official release on Spring Training Broadcast Schedule.

Benson done for season?

BTW Take:
See what happens when I take a break.

You have to read the Tracy Q&A. If you understand everything you are either a genius or insane. It is a fine line.

The writers don't have many surprises, have to give Dejan credit for doing his homework on McLouth and Nady.

The King passing was a shock to me. He was a great entertainer and I always looked forward to seeing he and the Court in action. They haven't been the same since Eddie was forced to retire. Eddie will always have a spot in my heart and memory. My best wishes and condolences go out to his family and friends.
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