February 1, 2007

LaLinks and Eephus Pitches

There are a couple very interesting articles today, after a virtual shutout yesterday.

The first article is off the AP wire and served up by the Pittsburgh Tribune. New Pirates 1B LaRoche wouldn't mind pitching gives some background into Adam LaRoches family history and his drream to pitch in the Majors like his father Dave.

Dave LaRoche had the "La Lob" pitch, his version of the eephus pitch. He taught the pitch to Adam. Random side thought: Do we call Adam's home runs "La Bombs"?

Former Pirate Rip Sewell may be the best known practitioner of the eephus ball.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution article LaRoche: Braves, fans were spoiled covers LaRoches thoughts on Braves fans being spoiled, Pirates fans overwhelming him with their enthusiasm and his thoughts on the trade and Pittsburgh.

I have a special report coming in the next few days, something I find interesting and I believe a lot of readers will also. Surprisingly, it does not involve one stat on my part. Until then...
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