February 4, 2007

Detroits Interest in Pirates Outfielder, Super Bowl and a New Link.

The Detroit Free Press has an article online about Nate McLouth and the possible interest in him or Gerut by the Tigers. It seems the Free Press may be more interested than the Tigers, mostly because of McLouths local ties. Nate is called an "achiever" by Littlefield in the article, a very touching moment indeed.

Congratulations Mr. Dungy! It is long overdue and well deserved.

I have added a new blog link to the BTW baseball list, Mop Up Duty. They talk a little bit of everything baseball related on the blog. It is a good read if you are looking for a new site to check out.

Slide Note:
Before kickoff my 4 year old son updates his prediction of the Colts winning to the Colts winning by 12. Planning our first trip to Vegas now.
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