February 8, 2007

Arroyo Signs Extension

ESPN is reporting Bronson Arroyo has signed a two year $25M extension with the Reds.

BTW Take:
HA! HA! HA! We though DL was a horrible GM. Wayne Krivsky is 10X worse. I now understand why Mr. Littlefield was ranked 27th in the league where GM's are concerned.

Arroyo had a very nice year last year and deserved Cy Young consideration. He still had 2 years left on his current deal, there was no need for an extension. In four years, on any team but the Reds, Arroyo will be lucky to make the rotation. This will be the Reds albatross, similar to what the Kendall contract was for the Pirates.

I should not say there is no way a team would take on Arroyo's contract in 2 years, considering what Suppan and Meche got this year. I will be amazed if this deal works in favor of the Reds. Bronson is not an overpowering pitcher, batters will catch onto his breaking stuff and he is toast. Ask any Red Sox fan, or just think back a couple years.

Maybe Arroyo can afford a decent haircut now?

At least the Harang signing made some sense, the Reds control him through his first two years for Free Agency.

Baseball needs more GM's like Krivsky and Bill Bavasi (Seattle) so the Pirates can have an edge in the General Managers position.
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