February 2, 2007

Armas, Tejera and the Rotation

The Post Gazette has an article by Dejan covering the Armas signing and the battle for the rotation spots. The Tribune is also running an article on Armas looking more into his career numbers. Pirates management is warning the "Big Four" that their spots in the rotation are not a given.

To make room for Armas, the Pirates designated Franquelis Osoria for assignment. Apparently Osoria was a little publicized December waiver pickup.

Armas was not the only pitcher signed by the Pirates yesterday. The team also signed Michael Tejera, 30, to a minor league deal with an invite to major league camp.

BTW Take:
For some odd reason, Tejera peeks my curiosity more than the Armas signing. I am still confused why Cota is still on the roster and Osoria was designated?
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