February 1, 2007

Armas Signs 1-Year Deal With Pirates

The Pirates signed Tony Armas Jr. to a one year deal with a team option for 2008.

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BTW Take:
Last season was the first full season for Armas since shoulder surgery. He looks to be nearly healthy again, even if his "stuff" wasn't completely there last season. IF he can regain most of his form from before the injury, this could be a really good move by DL and the Pirates.

Last season Armas pitched 154 innings, the most since the injury and 3rd most of his career. If healthy and back in a groove, he likely will post a 4.00-4.50 ERA and 1.30-1.50 WHIP. He will fit in with the rest of the rotation pretty well.

Don't get hopes up that Chacon is gone. He will likely be in the bullpen and used as an emergency starter. Think Vogelsong. The scary thing with this being an odd year, Chacon has had his best seasons in odd years.

9:00 Update
Looks like he signed for $3M for 2007. The option year is for $5M with a $500K buyout.

BTW Take:
My gut says the Pirates had to overpay Armas to get him. With the most recent signings, Ohka and Lawrence in particular, $3M is more than I expected the Pirates to pay when the other signings were significantly lower.
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