January 7, 2007

You know it is slow when...

You know it is slow when the most noteworthy news has to do with celebrating the 1 month anniversary of the LaRoche rumor as Dejan does in the Post Gazette Hot Stove Report today.

The Post Gazette is also running and article on talented players never to make a second ballot for the hall of fame. In order to make a second ballot a player must receive 5% of the votes. Wonder if Bobby Bonilla makes the second ballot? I am surprised he made the first.

One shocking player not to make a second ballot was Dan Quisenberry.

Yesterday ChicagoSports.com wondered why the Braves would trade a 32 home run hitter, in LaRoche, with Andruw Jones a year away from free agency. This is part of the Whispers section.

Some other notes from the Post Gazette Hot Stove Report:
  • Bucs aren't impressed with the remaining RHSP's.
  • Lawrence to Colorado?
  • McCutchen in Pittsburgh by end of 2007?
  • Wilson working on ankles and calves strength. Guess he wants to look better in heels?
  • Wilson apologizes for bad D in 2006.
  • Jonah Bayliss has an inside track to the bullpen after a nice winter season.
Barring any news, I am going to try and do a STARS post later today.

BTW wishes you a Merry Orthodox Christmas.
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