January 15, 2007

XM Home Plate interview with Lanny.

XM channel 175 has been running a series of interviews with baseball broadcasting legends. The latest of which is with our very own Lanny.

Lanny Frattare has been broadcasting Pirates games since 1976, taking over for Bob Prince. The surprising thing is, according to Lanny, he is 9th in seniority in the National League.

The interview, from what I heard, is a good listen. If you do not have XM, find a friend who does. MLB.com may be playing the interviews on MLB Radio online.

During the interview Lanny mentioned how he numbers his score cards. He is coming up on his 5,000th game, a remarkable achievement.

I happened to look online, after hearing some of the interview, to see if Lanny has his own page. Guess what? He does. It is a tribute, if you will, to his score cards. Check it out, it really is kind of interesting. You can even purchase them, if you are so inclined.

I was looking at some of the score card descriptions from years gone by. Some good memories came back like the game Teke played left field for one at bat in 79. Good times, ahh, good times.

He is a legend, and there is "Noooooo Doubt About It". Here is to another 30 years of Lanny, hopefully there will be a winning season in there somewhere.
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