January 1, 2007

Why Tracy Looks Incompetent, For Cory

Cory from A New Pirates Generation asked why I felt Tracy sounded incompetent in Sundays Post Gazette article Hot Stove Report.

I have issues with three of of the comments:

On the losing streak: "This group has been together 162 games, not 14 years. Let's remember that."
The fans don't have issues with the current group of players. The fans have issues with ownership and management trying to hide the 14 years of losing with catch phrases, remember "Financial Flexibility", or lame attempts at fielding a competitive team. This comment can be added to the list. Tracy, with this comment, aligns himself with McClatchy and the Nuttings becoming a company stooge.

On the team's reluctance to trade a starting pitcher for that coveted left-handed bat: "For us to fill a void and create a hole in the rotation ... you just can't do that. Also, you have to look around baseball at what people are paying -- maybe overpaying -- for pitching right now. And we're going to give that up? Can't do that."
Starting pitching at the MLB level is at an all-time premium. The worth of a starter who is even palatable is out of hand. When you have as many young pitchers as this franchise has, even with three coming back from injury, that has to be a strength. The team is in need of positional players, a definite weakness. These young arms will never be more valuable in trade than they are now. Play from a strength to fill a weakness. The only way you don't trade the pitching is if you think you are ready to contend which this team is not.

Why would it be a bad idea to get more for a player than he would normally be worth? Play the market and reap some rewards for so many years of drafting a pitcher in the first round.

On the leftover money in payroll: "Do you just spend it because it's there to spend? If you don't like the situation, just put it in your pocket. I think it sends a good message, that we're dedicated to the players we have, that we're only going to bring someone in if it makes sense within this group."
Just what the fans want to hear, "Just put it in your pocket". This is the most irresponsible and incompetent remark made. MLB has investigated the use of money from luxury taxes and the fans have all claimed the ownership is pocketing a huge windfall. This only adds to the fire. This is not only an incompetent comment, it approaches idiotic.

More than anything I have issues with that single comment which made all the others harder to swallow. Once again this comment makes him look like a company stooge.

Don't take me in the wrong light. I do not believe Tracy is incompetent, but the comments make him appear so. Time will tell if he is a good fit for this team, but I don't have a warm and fuzzy over his comments recently. I had doubts the beginning of last season, but found hope after the All-Star break. Hopefully these were just poorly worded sentiments and not what he was trying to convey.
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