January 11, 2007

Weird News of Baseball

Let the Farking begin...

First one for the weird category:

Slippery Rock gets baseball franchise. The article says the Frontier League is putting a franchise in Slippery Rock for the 2007 season, the same league as the Washington Wild Things. The weird part is, there is no owner and they will play a majority of of their games on the road. The reason for the team being formed? The league needs to round out the 11 teams to an even 12 teams for scheduling purposes.

The second entry of the weird:

Dodgers institute all-you-can-eat section. Yes it is true, in the land of gluttony for $40 you can sit in the bleachers and go binge eating during the Dodgers games. So what is the catch? Beer is not part of the menu. All the soda, Dodger dogs, peanuts, popcorn, etc. you can eat for $40, $35 for advance ticket sales. Apparently they tested this in 2006 and it was a huge (pun intended) success.

How long until the Nuttings latch onto this idea? They are already killing fans off with the Cigar Section. All-you-can-eat must be next. The two sections must be separated, I would hate to see a guy take a bite out of a stogy and light up a Ball Park Frank.

A single sports figure who makes more per season than the Pirates team payroll? Yes it is another true story. David Beckham is coming to America to play for the LA Galaxy. What does this have to do with the Pirates? He will be paid $38M a season with the potential to earn $50M a season with incentives and endorsements.

How is it a team, in a sport with the popularity in the U.S. of soccer, can spend that much on one player when the Pirates can't afford a bottom of the rotation pitcher?
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