January 8, 2007

Way To Go BCS.

Well, I am sitting here reminiscing on last weeks classic game between Boise St and Oklahoma.

Tonight, during the "Championship Game" I am going to bed, before the 3rd quarter is over.

I am not going to say I told you so, because I never posted this statement. The Big 10 was week this year. It is a joke that Ohio State went into this game as a favorite and as the number 1 team in the nation. The BCS has done one thing, make the Fabled Schools of College Football the only teams with a chance for a title.

The Big East was hosed this year. So what did the conference do in Bowl Games? 5-0

Boise State could beat this Ohio State team, it is unfortunate they didn't get an opportunity.

Notre Dame is a joke, luckily for them they fall under the fabled category otherwise they would never have sniffed a BCS game.

Michigan and Ohio State benefited from a weak Big 10 to go undefeated up until their meeting. They both struggled against mid-major teams that weren't as good of teams as what Boise State was. Both teams should have fell in the rankings after those pitiful showings against inferior teams.

Did they?


Do I think the SEC is the best conference?

I doubt it.



Big 12?

Don't think so.

I don't think it matters what conference is the best. I want to see the two best teams in the championship game. After all isn't that what the BCS is suppose to do?

What conference they are from should not play into it. It is time for a playoff.

NCAA get it right. If you get it right, you might not have fans going to bed when it is 34-14 in the 3rd quarter. Hope the ratings are good in Florida.

Hopefully the AP will get it right and crown the only undefeated team as National Champion.

All Hail the Boise State Broncos!!!
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