January 19, 2007

War and Peace DK Style

Dejan does his best version of War and Peace in the Post-Gazette for Friday, January 19th, 2007. he covers everything about the LaRoche deal, how it affects the team and what moves should be expected. I might have to say it is one of his better articles. The Q&A is quite good today as well. Here are the highlights of War and Peace:
  • Gonzalez passed his physical.
  • Deal should be official today pending blood tests done by the Pirates.
  • Adam LaRoche is happier than his family.
  • Pirates players are happy.
  • Bay is not exactly broken up over LaRoche batting cleanup.
  • Lineup: Duffy, Wilson, Sanchez, LaRoche, Bay, Nady/Paulino, Paulino/Nady, Bautista/Castillo.
  • Sanchez at 2nd with Castillo and Bautista battle for 3B?
  • DL had a plan on getting Lefty McThump before negotiating with FA's.
  • Still looking for a bat, Trot Nixon named.
  • Ohka and Lawrence are targeted pitchers.
BTW Take:
Wow, DK gives us a lot to digest today.
  • Castillo to 3B is long overdue.
  • Trot, please no. He would platoon with Nady in RF keeping Doumit out of the lineup.
  • I am better with Trot as a bench player only.
  • Lawrence is just using the Pirates to improve his position with the 3 west coast teams.
  • Wow, DL had a plan that actually worked!
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