January 21, 2007

Torres, LaRoche, Winter League, Two New Steeler Head Coaches

The Post Gazette has a Hot Stove Report covering Torres as the new closer.

Notes in the article include uniform changes, lineup for Piratefest, Jonah Bayless' good winter showing and 26 days until catchers and pitchers report.

The Tribune-Review is running an article on some guy named LaRoche.

Pirates.com does an update on Winter League stats.

Quick question...
Since Tomlin was announced as new Steelers Head Coach, but isn't really yet. Does that mean the Steelers have now had 3 head coaches since 69? If Tomlin is named, will that mean he is 3 and 4?

ESPN reports Tomlin is head coach. Trib Reports Grimm. What the heck is going on? Is it legal to have two Head Coaches?
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