January 14, 2007


The Post-Gazette has an article, Pirates' new owner embraces life in the open, introducing readers to the new owner and chairman Robert Nutting, the history of the Nuttings and how they came to power.

Same S#$%, Different Owner is how I would sum it up.

Pat at WHYGAVS did a fine job speaking on behalf of the fans in his Letter to Bob, such a fine job, i would not even dare to attempt it.

I will just address this article. Here are my conclusions:
  • We find out Bob is more at home with a spreadsheet than a baseball mitt.
  • Bob lets us know baseball is a business, oh and winning is important too.
  • Bob can cook a book with the best of them, the ownership pockets no money from the franchise.
  • The Nuttings are cheap, penny pinching SOB's.
  • The Pirates need a new speech writer.
If you read through the article, without slashing your wrists, you will notice some quotes we have heard at key times in the last 14 seasons.

A few comments made every preseason.

Comments made when Lloyd McClendon became manager.

Comments from Jim Tracy being hired.

Comments from the announcement that Dave Littlefield is or continues to be the GM of the Pirates.

There are so many regurgitated comments I had issues finishing the article.
CORRECTION: I am still trying to finish the article.

Dejan seemed to have the same feeling as he wrote this. The article did not have the same feel as some of his other work. It almost seemed forced.

The article was such a hard read, I just can't even get a good post out of it. Too frustrating I guess. But it does sum up every "catchy" comment made in the last 14 seasons. Flexibility is even used!
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