January 23, 2007

Return of Stats Geek, Birth of Armas-mania

Return of the Geek
Welcome back Geek. It has been too long since we last heard from you. Mr. Geek tackles the idea of making the Pirates lineup top heavy.

BTW Take:
I felt the same way about the lineup. The lineup mentioned is what first popped in my head when I heard LaRoche was acquired.

Birth of Armas-mania
In the Post-Gazette, Dejan reports the Pirates may be interested in Tony Armas Jr. He also rules out Weaver and Park.

The reason the Pirates bowed out of Ohka-mania was his change in philosophy to a 1-year deal. Apparently the Pirates only wanted him for two years. Ohka's agent said the Pirates were "first class through all of this."

The following notes were also reported:
  • The Pirates have expressed interest in Luis Matos.
  • The AP in Chicago reporting Pirates interest in Cliff Floyd.
  • LaRoche will participate in the first two days of PirateFest. Autograph session is Saturday 4:30-6:00.
  • The Pirates signed minor league outfielder Aron Weston.
  • Lawrence signed a 1 year deal for $500K with a club option with $250K buyout.
BTW Take:
Seeing Lawrence signed for so little in this market, makes me wonder what he turned down to avoid joining the Pirates?

Armas is not a bad option, IF he stays healthy. Not that there are a lot of other options.

If nothing else, the Pirates are "first class" losers in the Ohka derby.
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