January 1, 2007


The major talk of late is the speculated retirement of Bill Cowher and Brett Favre. First my thoughts on the likelihood of either happening followed by fan participation and my wishes for retirements.

Bill Cowher:
I have a feeling, based on nothing more than a gut hunch, that Bill Cowher will return for at least one more season. I think he does not want to go out on an 8-8 record. He is too competitive and proud to go out like that. I think, if nothing else, he will feel a need to come back one more season to honor his contract and to show his appreciation to the Rooney family.

Brett Favre:
Another very competitive person. Someone who won't settle for 8-8. The Packers have a chance at the playoffs next season, it is the NFC after all. He is so close to so many records, not that it will affect him being a first ballot Hall Inductee. However, from watching him Sunday night, he is done. He is not a guy to show that much emotion, especially in the spotlight.

Fan Participation:
Leave a comment on who you would like to see retire and why.

Personal Picks for Retirement:
  1. The Nuttings - The Pirates need real ownership dedicated to winning.
  2. Dave Littlefield - Even on shoestring budget other GM's have been able to field teams that compete and are not a laughingstock. The Pirates have not done enough in his tenure to build the minors through the draft nor through foreign players. At least we have middle relievers to make any franchise jealous.
  3. Kevin McClatchy - I feel he has had his hands tied since the Nuttings took majority ownership of the team. That does not excuse some of the poor decisions this franchise has made since he led the group who purchased the Pirates. The Pirates need a baseball man as CEO of the team.
Looking forward to your ideas.

I hope you have had a great New Years Day.

Congrats to the Mountaineers on an outstanding game and a fine win. Also congrats to Penn State.
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