January 3, 2007

Random Madness and Links

There are always a few topics a person would like to mention, but you get side tracked with something else taking focus. Here is a random set of thoughts I haven't been able to get to in a post.

Dick Hoak retired after 35 seasons as the running backs coach for the Steelers. This is a man who survived more than one cleaning house of assistants, five Super Bowl Championships, 2 head coaches a Hall of Fame running back in Franco Harris and a future Hall Inductee in Jerome Bettis. He is a coach who always brought out the best in his running backs. He will be missed more than anyone realizes at this point in time. I want to wish him well in his retirement. Hopefully he will receive an invitation to the Hall of Fame, an honor very few if any assistants ever receive.

Mario saved hockey in Pittsburgh once. Please do it one more time. I don't feel he owes it to the city, the city owes him a huge debt of gratitude for saving the franchise that could never be repaid. He has become a larger than life figure in the area. I would rather him sell the team and the new owner be the bad guy rather than see him sour his reputation in the city of Pittsburgh.

Kevin McClatchy also deserves a big thank you from the city. He saved baseball in Pittsburgh and has guaranteed its survival for the next 20 years thanks to the lease at PNC. I am sure Bud Selig and his cronies could still screw this up. I no longer hold great resentment for McLatchy, he is nothing more than a figurehead and whipping boy for the organization. My true distaste comes from the mere mention of the Nuttings. I do not feel McClatchy is immune, but he did save the Pirates. In case I have never said this. Thank You Kevin. Now convince the ownership group to field a winner, I guarantee the city will go mad with Pirate Fever if this ever happens.

Congratulations to Boise State on a very impressive win over Oklahoma. I was drawn into that game, which may be one of the best games, college or pro, I have seen since the Steelers Rams Super Bowl in 1980. That one game made me an honorary Bronco fan. How bad does the BCS look now?

Ironic the Big East is 4-0 in bowl games. How are the ACC, SEC, Big Ten or Big 12 doing in the bowls? I guess the experts are right, the Big East is a joke and should not be part of the BCS. Maybe the WAC should replace the Big Ten in the BCS? Wouldn't it be great to see the BCS unanimous number 1 get smoked in the BCS Championship game? Maybe they might admit to needing a playoff system? Just don't hold your breath.

The Tribune Review has a nice article profiling the remaining free agents from a thinning field the Pirates could be interested in.

(recap from an earlier post)

The Post Gazette is reporting the Pirates are finalists for the services of Brian Lawrence. The Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies and San Francisco Giants are some of the other teams interested.

The Post Gazette is also reporting season ticket sales are down.
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