January 12, 2007

Pirates New Controlling Owner

The Pirates have a new controlling owner, Robert Nutting.

Yes Dejan, there is a Nutting.

Not that this is really news, every Pirate fan already knew the Nuttings were controlling partners. This is just a move to make it official in the eyes of MLB. The change in controlling partner will be accepted, in all likelihood, at the owners meetings Jan 17-18 in Phoenix.

Kevin McClatchy will still run the baseball operations and have Dave Littlefield under him. There will be nothing changing from the fans perspective, only who the figurehead of the organization is.

The quote of quotes is as follows:
"In order to consistently succeed on the field, it's critical that we spend our resources effectively while continuing to build our team from within," Nutting said. "This is the plan I firmly believe in. It is one that Dave was brought here to develop and execute, one that he and Kevin are accountable for, and one that I have confidence is working."
BTW Take:

We have built so well within and have drafted so poorly our minor leagues are barren and we don't have a left handed power hitter in the system. Our minor leagues are one of the oldest of all the franchises. So we must be following the plan to a T.

The Pirates need more than a new controlling owner. They need an owner with a brain. A completely new owner not currently involved with the organization. Maybe not a defector, but a Cuban none the less.
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