January 17, 2007

Pirates Acquire LaRoche

The Pittsburgh Pirates have finally come to an agreement with the Atlanta Braves on a deal that sends Adam LaRoche to Pittsburgh. Mike Gonzalez and an unknown player are being sent to Atlanta to complete the deal.

The Post-Gazette reports the deal is pending LaRoches physical.

ESPN link

BTW Take:
GASP! I don't know if I believe it until I see him in uniform. Deals that are rumored this long do not usually happen. I am eager to find out who the unnamed player is.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution link

Atlanta fans have some curious comments.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports Gonzalez is confirming the deal. the Trib also speculates the second player is Duffy.

Internet rumor is the second player is a minor league pitcher. KDKA TV reports likewise.

KDKA made the announcement on the radio.

BTW Take 2:
The likely second player, if a minor leaguer, will probably come from a list the Pirates and Braves agreed on. If it is a minor league pitcher, they were being blocked by the log jam of young arms already in the Majors. Finally DL trades one of the young arms he has been surplussing.

More Updates:
Pirates.com is reporting at least one minor leaguer from each team will be included in the deal.
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