January 11, 2007

News, Notes and Links.

Ken Rosenthal reports the Pirates are refusing to meet other teams requests in potential Gonzo deals. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

The D-backs were considering a deal to send Chad Tracy to Pittsburgh for Mike Gonzalez. Arizona wanted a second player to close the deal. They were considering acquiring Morgan Ensberg from the Astros if the deal worked out.

The Pirates are refusing to trade Chris Duffy. The Braves wanted Duffy and Gonzo for LaRoche.

Rosenthal also reports Tomo Ohka has received a pair of two year offers from two unspecified teams. Ben Maller is reporting four teams have made offers to Ohka, two of the offers are one year contracts. The Tribune-Review reports the Pirates are one of three teams with two year offers on the the table.

The Brian Lawrence sweepstakes continues to grow. So far the contestants are Seattle, San Dieago, and Pittsburgh. Apparently the Padres only offered a minor league deal to Brian Lawrence, Colorado has not yet made an offer, the Pirates have made a major league offer as of Monday night. No word on the offer made by the Mariners. Since the only Major League deal offered is from the Pirates, would it actually be looked at as a Minor League deal?
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