January 12, 2007

Moving On: Looking beyond LaRoche.

It is finally time to move on. As reported in the Post Gazette, the Pirates are finally looking beyond LaRoche.

Dejan goes into detail at some of the possibilities. Names such as Trot Nixon, Chad Tracy, Melky Cabrera, Ryan Church, Casey Kotchman, and Geoff Jenkins are mentioned, as well as why they are questionable fits.

The most disturbing paragraph of the article is the following:
For most of this offseason, Littlefield has focused on LaRoche, the Braves' 27-year-old first baseman who hit 32 home runs last season. He has done so to the point of telling agents who represent hitters through free agency that the Pirates will make no move until they know for certain if they can land LaRoche.
Why does DL put all his eggs in one basket? He never seems to have a plan B, very single focused. Rather than look for alternatives, or possibly more than one left handed bat. He locks in on LaRoche and has missed the boat on free agents as well as some trades.

I honestly no longer think DL holds out for the scrap heap signings. His original plan never works out and he is forced into making the customary crap heap signings.

  • The Pirates have signed John Fitzpatrick, a non drafted right handed free agent. There is our big off season signing!
  • Pirate fans aren't the only fans who look forward to bobble heads.
  • The Trib reports Jason Bay is recovering from knee surgery.
  • The Trib also reports Tomo Ohka's agent stated he has four contract offers (notes section), but would not confirm if one was from the Pirates.
  • Cota signs a deal for $537K.
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