January 25, 2007

Most Important Stats for 2007

The most important numbers going into 2007:

5 - Bobble Head Giveaways
6 - Fireworks Nights
3 - SkyBlast Shows

And introducing....

Post game Concerts.

The Pirates Moto:
"We're in the business of keeping our customers happy"

Here's a novel idea: Try winning!

Bobble Heads to be given away:
Jason Bay All-Star - April 13
Freddy Sanchez National League Batting Champion - April 28
Ronny Paulino - May 12
Adam LaRoche - June 2
Bob Walk - June 30

Big & Rich
Smash Mouth
PovertyNeck Hillbillies

Other Give Aways:
A figurine commemorating Roberto Clemente's 3,000th
A replica of PNC's Josh Gibson statue

Complete List

New Uni's will be unveiled Friday!

BTW Take:

My version of New Uni:

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