January 30, 2007

Morning Rays of Light, err Links

The Tribune-Review has a poorly title article called "Bucs' season-ticket sales increase slightly" . Needless to say, my jaw dropped at reading the title. After reading the article, they are referring to sales rates pre-LaRoche. None the less, the article is interesting and much better than the thought put into the title.

The Post-Gazette offers up another shot of Jack. In "Wilson: Criticism of Castillo intended as challenge", Jack attempts to clarify his comments made recently on Castillo. He does not back out of anything he said.

BTW Take:
I commend him for that, and agree with most of what he said in the first place. I am one of the few that have not bashed Jack for his comments with people in glass houses references.

Until now...

I am not bashing Jack for his criticism, heck I am not even bashing Jack. I found one comment very disheartening in the article.
I think we have five or six leaders on this team, and I feel like I've been around long enough at shortstop to be the leader of Jose Castillo.
If there are that many leaders, this team will have issues. Too many leaders and no one will follow. This could be more divisive than no leaders at all.

Maybe I over analyzed this comment. Maybe it is nothing at all. But it made me feel uncomfortable none the less.

Slide Note:
  • The PG also has a list of arbitration dates in the notes.
  • My pet peeve to gripe about...When a reporter reports "First player/team since..." How can they be first if someone else has already done it. I can buy into first since a major event or change in the sport, but first since someone else did it is moronic.
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