January 26, 2007


It is a very shocking night. Right now I have 7 links to share on multiple stories. Lets get to it...

The Tribune-Review is running two stories on arbitration signings. The Trib covers Gerut agreeing to a pay cut to $850k with an additional $140k in performance bonuses. Rotoworld also touches on this story, pointing out Gerut's value as a platoon against right-handers with Nady.

The Second story covers the 2-year deal rumored with Freddy Sanchez. The article also recaps the remaining unsigned arbitration eligible players.

The Post-Gazette does a recap of what free agent pitchers the Pirates have missed out on. It looks as if Weaver is going to sign with Seattle soon. It appears Borras, Weaver's agent, is only in discussions with Seattle. Armas is also mentioned in the article as possibly being off the market to an "unknown" team. The only thing known about the team is it is not the Mets. Seeing as the Pirates were the only other known team interested in Armas, you do the math.

Dejan conducts another love fest over LaRoche, asking if the PirateFest will become LaRocheFest. The article, besides praising LaRoche, talks of LaRoches schedule for PirateFest. LaRoche will model one of the new uniforms. Rumor has it LaRoche will walk on water at the boat show next door.

Dejan also covers some of the other happenings and schedules for PirateFest that do not include LaRoche.

Bob Smizik covers the changes happening with Pirate broadcasts, mostly pre and post game shows and weekly shows on the different Clear Channel stations. It is actually very interesting, at least it is to me, to see the plans Clear Channel has. There will be a pre-game show, similar to ESPN Gameday, happening on Federal Street for home night games.

Slide Notes:
  • Pirates spring training tickets go on sale at 9 a.m. Saturday, January 27th.
  • Bob Nutting plans to "mingle" with the fans on Sunday at PiratesFest.
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