January 29, 2007

Late Night Links

Beaver County Times John Perrotto reports:
  • Jack Wilson is back near his 185 playing weight, a nearly 21 pound drop from the beefy 2006 Jack.
  • Chris Duffy held up the LaRoche deal, Atlanta wanted him.
  • McCutchen has found some of the weigh Jack lost. He has put on 10 lbs of muscle in the offseason. “I feel a lot stronger and like I’m ready to have a better year this year,” McCutchen said.
  • Mega Pirate Promos.
BTW Take:
  • It is good to hear Jack "Flash" might be back.
  • Perrotto is still trying to push that Duffy was part of the deal, he has been saying this for a month and a half.
  • McCutchen could be in Pittsburgh sooner than later if he improves on the numbers he put up last season.
  • How else but promo's to fill the stands? Try winning!
Dejan at the Post-Gazette reports on PirateFest. A fairly decent recap of the event and closely mirrors Magoo's report here.

The Tribune-Review does and article on vendors at PirateFest.
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