January 14, 2007

Jacque Jones

The Chicago Tribune is expecting Jacque Jones to be traded before Spring Training. The Tribune believes the Pirates would be a good trade partner, expecting a return of Duffy or McLouth.

Credit: Buccowire found this before I did.

BTW Take:
This rumor does not make much sense from the Cubs perspective. Their top prospect, Felix Pie, is a center fielder. This would almost seem as a blocking move for Pie.

The Cubs are a contender this season IF the rotation stays healthy. I can't imagine they would use Duffy nor McLouth as more than a 4th outfielder, though they are desperate for center field help. I can't see their need for a center fielder forcing them to trade Jones even if they were not happy with his play last season.

Figure that one out, they loved Burnitz in Cubbies-land, but hate Jones?

Maybe a PTBNL could be the return of Jose K to them?
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