January 9, 2007

Herrera, Links and HoF.

The Pirates PR department is doing a great job this off season. The group running the campaign for Yoslan Herrera has been fantastic. When was the last time a AAA pitcher has caused so much hype? Both the PG and the Trib ran articles on the Cuban defector today.

If Herrera can live up to the PR campaign being run, he will be something special. Problem is, I do not think he can live up to the hype the Pirates are creating. I don't think Roger Clemens could live up to the story being spun.

I admire Herrera for his devotion to his craft. The drive to compete against the best in the world and prove you belong.

The Pirates PR department has done wonders for Herrera and even have been able to make DL look like a legitimate GM with Herrera saying he chose the Pirates over the Yanks and Red Sox because DL came to see him.

The PR department should do the advertising campaigns from here on out. If they did, maybe something better than "We Will" would come out.

Hall Of Fame:
Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken were announced as the newest members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Two of the most deserving elections in years. Congratulations to both.

The Goose missed by 21 votes. He was one of two vote getters who improved their vote count from previous elections. Dave Concepcion was the only other to improve over last election.

The shocker of all shockers. Bobby Bonilla received 2 votes. He did not receive enough votes to make a second appearance on the ballot next year. Word from Bonilla's camp is they are demanding a recount.

Tommy John should be automatically inducted. How many players have a surgery named after them? That alone should mean automatic induction.
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