January 3, 2007

Hernandez Signing Analyzed and notes

I have tried to analyze this at least a dozen times today. Every time I think about it, and attempt to write something on the Pirates bringing back utility man Hernandez, I feel like I have been slapped for a third time with the precision of a pimp.

I have tried to rationalize why DL would bring back a player, for the third time, that reminds the fans of the salary dump of Aramis Ramirez. Every time I attempt this frivolous endeavor, I envision G. Ogden laughing maniacally while getting his overflowing Depend changed.

True Hernandez is a versatile player who is the perfect 25th man. But there are dozens of players just as capable of filling out a bench. Why not sign one of them?

True DL has a man crush on Hernandez. Maybe it goes deeper than that?

True Hernandez can provide "veteran leadership". What has that bought us over the last 14 seasons?

I now feel as if I am getting kicked in the gut. What kind of sick, demented, twisted individual would dole out this kind of harsh abuse to their loyal fans? I can only come up with two such groups not currently imprisoned:
Dave Littlefield/Pirates ownership
Marilyn Manson

Laugh your arse off you depend wearing bastard of an owner. This is too twisted for the sickest individual to enjoy.

Let me clarify this one point, I hold no resentment against Hernandez. He gets the chance to do the one thing I have only dreamed of as a living . I hope he continues to enjoy the game I love. I hope he does help this team improve and provides a good model for the younger players to follow. He definitely is a talented player who could fill out a bench for any MLB team.

But I still feel like I have been slapped repeatedly.

Side Notes:

Newsday is reporting Tomo Ohka is negotiating with 2 NL East teams. The Mets are said to be one. Rotoworld reports the other is the Nationals. No mention of the Pirates.

The Post Gazette is reporting the Pirates are finalists for the services of Brian Lawrence. The Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies and San Francisco Giants are some of the other teams interested.

The Post Gazette is also reporting season ticket sales are down.
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