January 19, 2007

Going to the Wells with Lawrence?

Rotoworld and ESPN are reporting David Wells has agreed in principle to a 1 year $3m deal with the Padres.

Why is this significant? Brian Lawrence was waiting to see what happened with the Padres and Wells before he made a decision. Lawrence is wanting to have a shot at the rotation of a MLB team. Since Wells will be the 5th starter in San Diego, Lawrence doesn't have a shot at the rotation.

Effectively, that reduces Lawrence's choices to Colorado, Seattle and Pittsburgh.

The Seattle Times inadvertently said Philadelphia was the front runner a couple days ago. They updated the article and stated Pittsburgh was the front runner.

Colorado's papers are saying Seattle is the front runner.

The Post-Gazette is saying Colorado is the front runner.

Basically, no one has any insight into Lawrence's decision but Brian. Originally his agent said a decision would come Yesterday. I would not expect it until after Wells signs his deal. Don't forget, Wells has backed out on deals before.
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