January 16, 2007

Dead Horses We Haven't Beat in Days.

Dead Horse #1:
The Post Gazette is speculating on who the second player the Braves want to close the LaRoche deal. Duffy, Starting Pitcher, etc. the breakthrough is possibly sending a second reliever. The Braves want two Major League players.

Chad Tracy is mentioned again as a second option, but Arizona also wants more than just Gonzo.

A few other names are mentioned and dismissed.

Older Free Agent Trot Nixon and Trade Target Geoff Jenkins and Jacque Jones are all dismissed due to ownerships pressure for DL to "have the player fit into the age and experience level of most of the Pirates' roster."

BTW Take:
Really nothing we haven't already known. It is good to see ownership frowning against the older players. The need for the same experience level gives ownership the card of "young team" to play for the next 2 or 3 losing seasons right up until they play the "we can't afford to keep all these players" card in 2009.

Dead Horse #2:
The hopes of landing Free Agent Pitcher Brian Lawrence seem to be fading. Lawrence's agent Page Odle is keeping in touch with DL. The Pirates are refusing to improve their offer.

BTW Take:
Odle is trying to play the Pirates against the Rockies to get more out of either team. I hope DL doesn't cave and give up that $17M contract.

Slide Notes:
Of the arbitration eligible players, only Cota has signed a deal. Noon tomorrow is the deadline for exchanging salary figures.
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