January 16, 2007

Buc Bits

Arbitration Notes:
  • Nady's deal was for $2.14M.
  • Sanchez is asking for $3.1M, the Pirates are offering $2.15M.
  • Castillo asks $2.2M, Pirates offer $1.8M.
  • Gerut asks $925,000, Pirates offer $800,000.
  • Chacon asks $4.25M, Pirates offer $3.7M.
  • Grabow asks $925,000, Pirates offer $765,000.
BTW Take:
The Pirates and players are close on most contracts. I can see all but Freddy coming to an agreement before the hearings start. Freddy is likely headed to arbitration.

Random Bits:
BTW Take:
The possible deal is a bad deal for both teams involves. Tampa will not get fair market value for Dukes. The Pirates would get a hard to manage, let alone understand, young man who needs too much supervision for someone of his age with his talent. It will be a shame to see a player of his caliber waste his god given gifts.

Pirates Signing:
The Pirates have signed free-agent second baseman Nick Green to a minor-league contract.

BTW Take:
Minor League middle infielder. Next signing should be a minor league middle reliever.
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