January 12, 2007

Brian Lawrence

Since it is a slow news day for the Pirates, no news on ownership changes or anything.

I found this article on Brian Lawrence. It appears Colorado has made a minor league offer to Lawrence. Right now he has four offers in total. Two minor league deals from Colorado and San Diego. One confirmed Major League offer from the Pirates.

Speculation on Rotoworld is Seattle made a Major League offer.

The article goes on to point out Lawrence wants to play in the NL West, specifically Colorado. I think he is more interested in playing MLB than MiLB at this point. Do the Pirates count as MLB?

BTW Take:
Colorado will need to offer a MLB contract or else he will look at other offers. I think Lawrence prefers the NL, so Seattle may be at a disadvantage to the Pirates.

Colorado has watched him work out the most and only offers a minor league contract, even though they are pitching starved. This really concerns me.
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