January 25, 2007

Breaking News:Sanchez nears 2-year deal with Pirates

The Post Gazette is reporting the Pirates are nearing a 2 year deal with Freddy Sanchez. Since the two parties are so far off in negotiations to avoid arbitration hearings, they have been focusing on a two-year deal. The deal could be announced Thursday or Friday.

The article also confirms the rumors of the Pirates pursuing Jeff Weaver.

Recaps pending arbitration players:
Sanchez, Gerut, Castillo, Grabow and LaRoche

BTW Take:
The Sanchez deal will likely be held off for a public announcement until PirateFest starts Friday. The Pirates can get maximum PR for the buc(k).

Still on the fence with Weaver.

I'd expect the other arbitration players will come to terms before their hearings. The only one I have questions on coming to terms is LaRoche, since he has not been in the fold long enough for discussions to have gone very far.
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