January 22, 2007

Bill James Handbook, Mgr Salaries and Ohka-mania

Bill James Handbook
The Democrat & Chronicle has an interesting piece with some notes from Bill James Handbook. Freddy Sanchez is mentioned as having the highest Home Batting Average in 2006 with .388. There are plenty of other interesting stats listed for the stat geek in all of us.

BTW Take:
The Pirates have to hate this coming out just before arbitration hearings.

Manager Salaries
The NY Daily News has a listing of Managers salaries. Tracy checks in at $1m and in the middle of the pack.

BTW Take:
I find it interesting some managers barely make league minimum for players.

The Seattle Times recaps the Mariners missing out on Lawrence. They also report Cha Seung Baek and Jake Woods will compete for the 5th spot in the rotation if no moves are made. Tomo Ohka, Tony Armas and Bruce Chen are mentioned as FA starters still available.

BTW Take:
As I said earlier, Seattle is likely the mystery team that has joined the Ohka-mania phenomenon.
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