December 27, 2006

Welcome Aboard

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Bucs Trade Winds. My sole purpose of this blog is to entertain and inform. Hopefully I can accomplish at least one of these goals. Just don't hold your breath.

I will frequently use a few pages to find my information, as I blog more I will add a links bar with favorite blogs and great places to find those nasty trade rumors.

Now, let's get to some things that I have been thinking about...

Gonzo getting dealt, signing/trading for Lefty McThump, Castillo, etc. Every Pirate fan has an opinion on the subjects, I made the following post at one of the better Pirates Message Boards under the sun. It kinda is summing up the whole idea of signing Huff:

Dear Lord. This almost makes sense. Play with me here and pretend DL has a brain....

IF you are making a move to trade your 2B, say Castillo to the Braves. The plan is to move last seasons 3B to 2B, Sanchez. You have a young 3B who can handle multiple positions, a super-sub, Bautista. You don't feel he is ready for 3B right now, and you don't feel comfortable handing him the job.

There is a player on the FA market who could have trade value mid-season who can play 1B/3B/OF. He has power and a decent bat. Recently lowered his asking price to 3 year $24M which is well within budget, Huff. Considering you can not pick up a starting Pitcher from FA, you now need to spend that cash to keep from other owners/fans getting POed.

You still aren't comfortable with your trading partner and they are playing on your need for a Lefty McThump. You take away their upper hand and can make a deal for less to get McThump. You now can play to their need of a 2B.

What does this add up to...

Castillo + ???? to Braves for Laroche.
Huff signed as a fall back and as a 3B.

Now you have two lefties for the middle of the lineup.

Could DL have visited the wizard and received a brain?

Might he actually be making a move that will make this team much better?

Maybe I have drank too many beers and killed my last brain cell?

Then there is this summing up of all the three way rumors that have been floating, I kind of slammed them all together, threw it against a wall to see what stuck, or at least stunk.

I was just thinking and decided to slam together the Yankees and Braves rumors along with the three team deal. Here is what I came up with:

Yankees get:

Setup Man, 5th OF, Young Starter

Braves get:

Leadoff Hitter, 2B, Bullpen

Pirates get:

Lefty 1B, OF/Leadoff

I know, this deal will never happen, but thought I would throw all the names together and see what I got.
The link to the Pirates Live Board is here, hope to see you there.

Until I have something more meaningful to write, enjoy.
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