December 27, 2006

Rumor of the day

It is beginning to look like the market for Gonzo is drying up.

From Rotoworld:
With seemingly less chance now of a Mike Gonzalez deal, the Yankees reportedly have interest in acquiring George Sherrill from the Mariners.
Sherrill wouldn't cost Melky Cabrera, but it's not like he'd come particularly cheap. The 29-year-old has struck out a batter an inning while posting a 4.35 ERA in 122 relief appearances over the last three years.
Source: Bergen Record
If the deal happens, possibly as part of a bigger deal including Randy Johnson, the market for Gonzo is drying up.

Since Dave Littleclue has his sights set on LaRoche, nothing will likely sway him from his target. I would guess LaRoche will join the Pirates sometime in 2009 or 2010. Littleclue always gets his man, it only took 3 years to land Nady.

Looking into my crystal baseball:
  • Gonzalez will start the season as the Pirates closer.
  • Lefty McThump will not be traded for and will only be found on the DL wish list.
  • Aubrey Huff will select a better team to sign with, unless the Pirates make an offer of at least a million a year more than any other team.
Speaking of possible deals....

Here is an idea DL could steal if he likes...mind you this is not a rumor, just based on rumors already in the mill.

Atlanta is shopping Tim Hudson around. Make an offer to Atlanta of Castillo, Duffy and Gonzo for Hudson and LaRoche. I am sure the Braves will want more in return, hopefully just some minor leaguers. Maybe they have a need for minor league middle releivers? Luckily we have that market cornered.

Why would this work for Atlanta?
  • Leadoff hitter and CF of the future in Duffy, replace Andrew Jones.
  • Second baseman they are looking for in Castillo.
  • Closer in Gonzo.
  • The ability to trade Jones for prospects and players and reduce salary. Ya know, Financial Flexibility. (John Schuerholz has spent too much time with DL and has caught the Stupid.)
What does this do to the Bucs?
  • Lefty McThump, Welcome to Pittsburgh.
  • Right handed starter that anchors the team for less than FA money. Hudsons contract expires in 2009, good timing.
  • Bautista/McLouth in CF
  • Nady/Doumit/Gerut in RF
  • Sanchez to 2B
  • Need to sign Huff for 3B (ACK!)
That last bullet almost makes me think the deal would be a horrible mistake from a defensive standpoint. On the bright side the $13-17M DL needs to spend to "look competitive" would be spend on non-retirees!
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