December 31, 2006

Huff n Stuff

The Baltimore Sun is reporting the O's have signed Aubrey Huff to a 3 year $20M contract.

What does this mean for Pirate fans?

Honestly, not much. Huff was never on the Pirates radar until after LaRochegate. Even then the interest seemed to be minimal at best. Huff does not fit the mold of what DL is looking for.

So what is DL looking for?

From recent history it is easy to see DL wants to sign an aging veteran to fill the role until he finds a young Lefty McThump that he can land for one or two of the many Minor League middle relievers he has stockpiled.

Sheer genius. How else could you describe Mr Littleclue?

Would Huff have been the fabled Lefty McThump?

Huff likely would have been only two things to the Pirates.

1)A way to show they are spending their revenue sharing and not pocketing the loot.

2)A target for the fans ire.

His poor defense would not have helped the Pitching staff nor would his bat improve the offense enough to offset his lack of leather.

All things considered, this is possibly another good non-move made by DL this offseason. I don't think DL has the stones to make a move for a high risk potentially high reward player like Huff.
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