December 31, 2006

Happy New Year and a Hot Stove Post

Happy New Year Everyone.

In Sundays Post Gazette Dejan Kovacevic does his Hot Stove Report. Basically a bunch of quotes from Jim Tracy fluffing the Pirates and making himself look incompetent. It's not really worth analyzing beyond that.

Some notes of interest from the Buried Treasures:
  • No minicamp in January. Just a series of checkups at PNC during the caravan or Piratefest.
  • The LaRoche deal was hung on the Braves wanting a leadoff hitter in addition to Gonzo.
  • Pirates made "a real run" at Huff. Pirate officials downplay the rumor.
  • Pirates might again be looking at Trot Nixon.
  • Return of Thor? Craig Wilson would welcome a return to the Pirates. Only the Yanks and O's are known to have shown interest.
  • Torres is going to stay in the pen.
  • Juan Perez kicked butt in the Dominican League.
  • Only 46 days until catchers and pitchers report.
A few quick comments on the Buried Treasures:

No minicamp. No biggie.

If all that is keeping the deal from getting done for LaRoche is a leadoff hitter, there is no reason the deal doesn't get done. Duffy is not the only "leadoff hitter type" in the organization. Seems every minor league outfielder and Nate McLouth fit the bill. If the Braves want Duffy, then they have to put up more.

A "real run" at Huff is likely DL saying "We are interested. How much for how long? Oh we can't do that."

No, we don't needs the Trots.

Thor back? I don't doubt this happening. He is a safe move for DL. The fans loved Craig, and he will be relatively inexpensive and we already know he fits on the team. Remember DL doesn't have the stones to make a risky move. DL will right it off as "We thought he was a lefty?"

No shocker on Torres.

We now have another Perez to hype!!!

Only 46 days for DL to screw up things before Spring Training starts!!!!

Once again, Happy New Year. May the Bucs find a few more wins this season.
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